Officer Byrd in Blythe


  Jaclyn Randall
Reporter/Editorial Assistant

BLYTHE - Officer Byrd and his sidekick, LAPD Officer Michael Simonsen (Ret.), was in town last week to help promote the celebrity race event scheduled for Nov. 12 at Lucas Oil I-10 Speedway. Many may recall Officer Byrd and Simonsen, who have been televised over the last 30 years giving public service announcement regarding "Stranger Danger" and on how to alert law enforcement to potential danger. Officer Byrd, who is usually riding a bike or driving a miniature police car, will be participating in the Veteran's Day parade on Nov. 11 in Blythe. Pictured with Officer Byrd are: (left to right): Riverside County Sheriff's Capt. James Navarro, Blythe Police Dept. Sgt. Angel Ramirez, Ironwood State Prison Community Partnership Manager Sam Burton, and Officer Michael Simonsen.


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